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Jacob trying to look like CB lol=]

Part 2 : Chris Brown at AMP Studios (by 971AMPRadio)


#chris Brown

Don’t hold onto judgment

I really wans’t  going to say anything because ignoring the haters is the best thing to do, but this is quite annoying.

Chris Brown shouldn’t have been celebrated at the grammys because of the incident?? Really like wtf do you people want him to do sit at home and sulk for the rest of his life? I’m sure he has had multiple conversations with Rihanna apologizing about whatever happened and now it’s between Himself,Rihanna,and God. Stay out of it. I could understand if she hadn’t forgiven him but she clearly has so respect her wishes. 

If you have children you should understand Everyone has a  past but you wouldn’t want someone to cast out of judge your child after they overcame somthing very hard and personal 

Thank you 

sorry for the rant =]

Just Vee

I mean no shade towards Karrueche, I&#8217;m sure Chris  really enjoys her company but Dammmn it&#8217;s sooo clear no one will ever have the bond Chris and Rihanna had.. =]

“I believe in true love!”

We found love in a hopeless place.: BACK2LOVE→


Chapter 18

The Aftermath…

Chris was on his way to the airport looking out the window thinking about his night with Rih. She would forever continue to have his heart, but when he looked to the right of him he saw someone different, not Rih. He wondered if it ever could be her sitting next to…

Boo Chilling=]=]

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